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Suunto GPS watch 9 black

GPS watch 9 black

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Product description

When you have your mindset on a certain goal or adventure, you want to make sure your watch can also go the distance. With up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking Suunto 9 is built to last – just like you! Multisport GPA watch is designed for long, arduous training, racing, and extreme adventures. Suunto key features make them a leading brand in sports watch with advance technology. Intelligent battery modes, GPS navigation, Fusedtrack, 80+ sports modes, wrist hour, 100 m water resistant, barometer, and weather functions will give you more time, accuracy, and durability like no other! Whether its swimming, cycling, running, or multisports, Suunto 9 has many sport modes to specifically fit your activity. The robust Suunto 9 is made for long, arduous training and racing and extreme adventures.

Key features:

  • Measurements: 50 x 50 x 16,8 mm
  • Color touch screen display
  • Matrix display with 320 x 300 resolution
  • Water resistance: 100 m (according to ISO 6425)
  • Outdoor maps by satellite, terrain and topography in web by Mapbox, Google Maps & Android
  • GPS tracking and route navigation with waypoints and real-time breadcrumb trail
  • GPS based altitude information
  • Digital tilt compensated compass
  • Heart rate measurement with calories and Peak Training Effect
  • Suunto FusedSpeed™ for accurate pace
  • Support for over 80 sports with racing and interval modes
  • Triathlon and multisport mode (change sport on the go)
  • Running: real-time lap tables with pace and heart rate
  • Compatibility with Stryd running power
  • Cycling: real-time lap tables with heart rate, power and speed
  • Compatibility with Suunto Bike Sensor and BLE power meters
  • Pool and open water swimming: automatic intervals and heart rate (optional)
  • Training load with monthly totals and logbook for individual move summaries in Suunto App
  • Rest & Recovery to follow monthly race, training, recovery, active and rest days in Suunto App
  • Recovery time and feeling trends* to follow your recovery status
  • Personal bests by sport based on distance, cycling power and altitude
  • Planning tools with training programs and training plans from coach to watch available
  • Personal bests and training insight comparisons to your peer group available in Suunto App
  • Peer-to-peer coaching available in Suunto App
  • Discover new routes with heatmaps and plan your own routes in Suunto Movescount, transfer to watch and navigate
  • 24/7 activity monitoring with steps and calories

  • Suunto 9 watches are Bluetooth Smart compatible, not compatible with ANT+
  • Take photos during your Move showing your current speed, distance, and more with the Suunto Movescount App for iOS and Android
  • Create a Suunto Movie of your Move with 3D map, key metrics and images with the Suunto Movescount App for iOS and Android
  • Share your experience instantly to your social media networks available in Suunto App
  • Follow your friends adventures via activity feed on Suunto Movescount available in Suunto App
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with up to 15 days battery life in time mode
  • Percentage / Icon battery indicator

  • Customizable watch faces
  • Touch screen and button lock feature
  • Firmware upgradable   
  • Time, date
  • 1 daily Alarm clock
  • Dual time feature
  • GPS timekeeping
  • Stopwatch timer
  • Vibration alert feature
  • Watch interface languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV, ZH* i
  • LED backlight with configurable backlight brightness and mode
  • Metric and imperial units
  • Automatic daylight saving time
  • Bezel material: Stainless steel
  • Glass material: Mineral crystal
  • Case material: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Strap material: Silicone
  • Weight: 81 g
  • In the box: Suunto 9 G1 black watch, USB cable, quick guide, warranty leaflet

 Main benefits: 

  • NEVER WORRY ABOUT RUNNING OUT OF BATTERY - Three predefined battery modes – Performance, Endurance and Ultra – deliver from 25 hours to up to 120 hours* of recording time with GPS tracking on. When you start a recording, you’ll get an estimate of how much battery you have left with the current mode. If it’s not enough, switch to another mode at any time. Suunto 9 uses smart reminders based on your activity history, to help ensure you are fully charged for your next outing. If the watch notices you are running low on battery during an exercise, it will automatically suggest changing to a different battery mode.
  • SUUNTO FUSEDTRACK™ FOR MORE ACCURATE TRACK AND DISTANCE - On long ultra runs, battery life is often the limiting factor for recording distance and track accurately, as GPS is a heavy drain on the battery. Suunto’s unique FusedTrack™ algorithm combines GPS and motion sensor data to improve track and distance accuracy. This allows you to extend battery life by lowering GPS power without significantly compromising accuracy. 
  • THOUSANDS OF HOURS TESTING IN THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS - “When talking about training or racing tools for any adventure or endurance sport, the first thing I consider is durability, because it actually gives you the chance to just focus on what you need to do”. Mauricio Méndez Cruz, Suunto triathlete and Xterra World Champion. Suunto 9 is designed and built to meet the demands of professional athletes. Tested to the extreme with thousands of hours of real use in the toughest conditions by Suunto’s internal testing team and athletes all over the world, it is your trusted companion to confidently see you through any adventure!
  • SHARE YOUR PASSION WITH SUUNTO APP - Pair Suunto 9 with the new Suunto app to track all your adventures, as well as follow your long term trends, including daily activity and sleep. Easily share your greatest achievements and connect with others in the app community. The smart mobile connection keeps you on top of your daily business with incoming call alerts, messages and notifications to your watch. Suunto app is available in the App Store and Google Play.


Heart rate features:

  • Heart rate measured from wrist
  • RR interval
  • Heart rate in beats per minute
  • Records heart rate in swimming
  • Heart rate graph in real time
  • Calories
  • Peak Training Effect
  • Personal heart rate zones

Speed and distance features:

  • Cadence based speed and distance
  • GPS speed and distance
  • Chrono
  • Foot POD support with additional Bluetooth Smart sensor
  • Autolaps
  • Manual laps

Rest and recovery features:

  • Activity based recovery time
  • Feeling stored after training on watch
  • Recovery time daily view in watch 

Training load features:

  • Logbook on watch with Move details on watch
  • Move summary on watch with lap details on watch
  • Training load with totals by sport on watch
  • Training logbook for long term overviews
  • Training analysis with graphs, lap tables, maps, totals 
  • Training insights totals duration/distances by sport
  • Training types stored to Moves on watch


Swimming features:

  • Pool swim pace and distance
  • Openwater swim pace and distance
  • Records heart rate in swimming with Suunto Smart Sensor
  • Swimming time by pool length, lap, total
  • Swimming stroke rate, count and type
  • Automatic intervals
  • Interval lap table
  • Lap table for swimming analysis with stroke and pace
  • Interval guidance with swim pace/duration/distance training suppoert on watch
  • No Stroke efficiency (SWOLF)

Cycling features:

  • Cycling speed
  • Average speed in real time
  • Bike POD with speed/cadence support with additional Bluetooth Smart 
  • Bike power meter support: Bluetooth Smart
  • Bike Power (W), average and maximum (with power sensor) with additional Bluetooth Smart 
  • Bike Lap and Lap Maximum Power (with additional Bluetooth power sensor)
  • Power distribution and graphs with power sensor
  • Peak Power Curve for peak power outputs with power sensor
  • Real-time lap table with avg HR, avg power and avg speed
  • Interval guidance with power/speed/heart rate on watch

Running features:

  • Running pace
  • Suunto FusedSpeed™
  • Running power with additional Bluetooth Stryd sensor
  • Foot POD calibration: automatic
  • Lap comparisons
  • Average, max, lap pace in real time
  • Interval guidance with power/speed/heart rate on watch

Multisports features:

  • Change sport mode during exercise
  • Preconfigured multisport modes
  • Post-analysis of multisport exercise by sport available In Suunto App
  • Multisport exercise summary on watch

Sport modes features:

  • Customizeable sport modes and displays
  • Graphical displays in sport modes: heart rate, speed and altitude
  • Measurement parameters available on watch: >50 on watch
  • Numeric displays in sport modes: 1-7 fields, lap table view
  • Preset sport modes in watch > 80
  • Sport modes for specific purpose (racing, intervals, long training...)



Gps tracking & navigation features:

  • Satellite systems: GPS
  • GPS recording rate: Best, Good, OK
  • Waypoint and visual route navigation
  • Zoom levels in navigation
  • Auto zoom based on route shape
  • Breadcrumb trail in real time
  • Route planning with altitude profile
  • Outdoor maps by satellite, terrain and topography in web by Mapbox, Google Maps & Android
  • Heatmaps to browse and show on Moves
  • Route planning with heartmaps
  • Personal route library synced to watch
  • Point of interest (POI) navigation
  • GPS track analysis
  • Track logging, viewing and sharing
  • Intelligent battery modes: Performance, Endurance, Ultra, Custom

Altimeter features:

  • Barometric altitude
  • GPS altitude
  • Combined GPS and barometric altitude (FusedAlti™)
  • Altitude in daily mode
  • Total ascent/descent in exercise
  • Vertical speed in exercise
  • Automatic alti/baro profile
  • Log recording rate: 1 s
  • Resolution: 1 m
  • Range: -500 - 9999 m

Weather features:

  • Sunrise/sunset times
  • Storm alarm
  • Sea level pressure
  • Automatic alti/baro profile
  • Temperature 
  • Temperature display range:-20° C to +60° C / -4° F to +140° F
  • Temperature resolution: 1°C/1.5°F
  • Pressure resolution: 1 hPa 
  • Move altitude graph in Move summary on watch



Physical specifications:

  • Operating temperature:-20° C to +55° C
  • Storage temperature: 30° C to +60° C
  • Recommended charging temperature: 0° C to +35° C

Compass features:

  • Digital compass
  • Full tilt compensation
  • Declination correction
  • Direction scale: degrees
  • North indicator needle
  • Compass accuracy: 5°
  • Compass resolution: 1°

24/7 features:

  • Activity tracking: step counter, calories burned, activity targets (steps, calories), heart rate assisted daily calories tracikng, daily minimum heart rate tracking)
  • Sleep tracking: sleep duration (duration, average HR during sleep), bed times, time awake

Connectivity features:

  • Smartphone compatibility: most common models supported (check here for detailed compatibility list)
  • Connectivity (between devices): Bluetooth Smart
  • Phone notifications on the watch
  • Compatible with online sports communities: Strava, TrainingPeaks, MapMyFitness and others
  • Watch software updates from cloud
  • Campatible with Suunto Movescount and Suunto app
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  • V. K., Izola, 09/10/2022 17:07:10:

    Avg. rating:

    Ker sem bil do sedaj uporabnik pametne ure Garmin Fenix, priznam da sem bil nekoliko skeptičen pred odločitvijo o nakupu. Sedaj lahko potrdim, da je bila odločitev pravilna, saj je Suunto 9 odlična ura, ki za ta denar ponuja daleč največ. Ura je kakovostno izdelana, menuji intuitivni, ko se na njih navadiš. Edino senzor srčnega utripa na momente izkazuje netočne vrednosti. Ob intenzivni dnevni uporabi, baterija v standardnem režimu, zdrži cca. 1 teden, kar je nekoliko manj od pričakovanja. Drugače sem zaenkrat super zadovoljen.

  • A. G., Brezje, 09/09/2022 06:19:17:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična ura, ki za ta denar ponuja največ. Baterija zdrži zelo dolgo in je primerna za daljše in večdnevne aktivnosti. Je precej vzdržljiva in kakovostno izdelana.

  • M. R., Moravče, 09/05/2022 10:29:57:

    Avg. rating:

    Super ura, ki ima veliko funkcij. Baterija res zdrži dolgo.

  • S. S., Škofja Loka, 09/03/2022 15:37:07:

    Avg. rating:

    Enkratna ura.
    Po mojem najbojši SUUNTO za enkrat.
    Baterija je zelovzdržljiva (cca 20 dni).

  • R. M., Šentrupert, 04/09/2022 15:14:06:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična ura, ki za ta denar ponuja največ. Baterija zdrži zelo dolgo in je primerna za daljše in večdnevne aktivnosti. Je precej vzdržljiva in kakovostno izdelana.

  • B. ?., Ljubljana, 03/27/2022 23:04:03:

    Avg. rating:

    super ura. Ima zelo vzdržljivo baterijo. Zelo pohvalno od Suunta, kjer vsake toliko časa posodabljajo uro in dodajajo izboljšave.

  • B. U., Moravče, 03/04/2022 18:48:47:

    Avg. rating:

    Baterija je res vzdrzljiva, ima toliko funkcij da vseh niti ne uporabljas

  • R. P., Novo mesto, 02/09/2022 20:10:01:

    Avg. rating:

    Baterija zdrži do 10 dni, odlično meri in prikazuje. Skratka, točno to kar sem iskal za zelo ugodno ceno. Edina stvar, ki jo morate vzeti v zakup je velikost glih majhna (debelina).

  • T. K., Medvode, 01/10/2022 11:20:18:

    Avg. rating:

    super športna ura z vsemi funkcijami, ki jih so namenjene rekreativnim športnikom..

  • A. D., Predsvor, 12/11/2021 08:26:10:

    Avg. rating:

    Z uro več kot zadovoljna. Sebi sem jo kupila že v Oktobru. Ker sem bila tako zadovoljna sem jo kupila še partnerju.

  • . ., PREM, 11/29/2021 14:32:50:

    Avg. rating:

    Izredno zadovoljen z uro suunto in pa vašo spletno trgovino.

  • M. I., Zagorje ob Savi, 11/29/2021 11:05:31:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična ura, lepega dizajna in vzdržljiva baterija. Zaenkrat je izpolnila moja pričakovanja.

  • S. I., NAKLO, 11/26/2021 12:31:05:

    Avg. rating:

    Do sedaj se je ura izkazala, najmanj izpolnila je moja pričakovanja. Mislim pa jo uporabljati tudi za alpsko smučanje, upam, da se bo tudi takrat tako dobro obnesla.

  • M. L., Straža, 11/01/2021 15:25:48:

    Avg. rating:

    Dober izdelek. Baterija zdrži toliko kot obljublja proizvajalec, cenovno dostopna, pa še izgleda prekleto dobro.

  • R. P., Šentjernej, 10/29/2021 22:33:28:

    Avg. rating:

    Po več kot letu dni uporabe lahko samo pohvalim tako videz kakor delovanje.

  • T. V., Šentvid pri Stični, 10/16/2021 10:29:59:

    Avg. rating:

    Super ura. Robustna in hkrati elegantna. Ekran je zelo dobro viden v vseh pogojih, natančna merjenja senzorjev in vzdržljiva baterija.

  • K. ?., Ljubljana, 10/11/2021 10:13:30:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična ura za super ceno. Baterija zdrži dolgo, pri povezavi s HRM pasom še dlje.

  • S. P., Litija, 09/30/2021 11:36:03:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična ura za super ceno. Baterija zdrži dolgo, pri povezavi s HRM pasom še dlje.
    Priporočam nakup.

  • R. G., Ljubljana, 09/13/2021 13:27:34:

    Avg. rating:

    Ura je zadovoljila moja pričakovanja. Ocena 4 je samo zato, ker pri kolesarjenju ni natančnega merjenja srčnega utripa. Za natančno merjenje je treba dokupiti pas za srčni utrip. Vse ostalo je povsem izpolnilo pričakovanja.

  • B. P., Ljubljana, 09/10/2021 01:32:15:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična špotna ura z gpsom po odlični ceni, priporočam nakup Suunto Senzor srčnega utripa Smart Heart Rate Belt za neprekinjeno merjenje srčnega utripa in ure.

  • B. P., Velenje, 09/08/2021 10:29:07:

    Avg. rating:

    Res odlična športna ura. Uporabljam jo za trail tek in gorsko kolesarjenje. Jo priporočam.

  • A. S., Medvode, 08/18/2021 21:42:34:

    Avg. rating:

    Super ura za svoj denar. priporočam a a a a

  • I. U., Prebold, 08/17/2021 21:32:04:

    Avg. rating:

    Izjemna ura, natančna meritev, povezljivost s športnimi aplikacijami, odlična baterija,…uporabljam za tek, pohodništvo, kolesarjenje in plavanje!

  • I. K., Višnja Gora, 08/12/2021 10:36:19:

    Avg. rating:

    Super ura za kolesarjenje, tek in hribolazenje. Baterija zdrži 1 teden.

  • M. P., Velike Lašče, 08/09/2021 02:11:02:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična ura in odlična cena, baterija zdrži dolgo.
    Prvi vtis je super in upamo, da tako ostane.

  • R. S., Tržič, 08/02/2021 20:48:01:

    Avg. rating:

    Vrhunska ura po dostopni ceni. Odziven zaslon na dotik, enostavna za uporabo. Možno zamenjati pašček in je lahko tudi bolj elegantna.

  • M. K., Logatec, 07/31/2021 12:07:24:

    Avg. rating:

    Odlična športna/outdoor ura. Kar dober upgrade od Ambit3. Ambit se mi je zdel malo bolj outdoor in 9ka malo bolj športna.
    Je pa 9ka TOP ura, posebej na glede na cenovni okvir

  • G. L., Hotedršica, 07/28/2021 20:10:16:

    Avg. rating:

    Super ura za tek in kolesarjenje, baterija zdrži dolgo. Ugodna cena, zadovoljen z nakupom.

  • R. S., Petrovče, 07/27/2021 10:39:41:

    Avg. rating:

    Ura, ki nima konkurence. Z njo sem povsod, kjer je povezana s športom. Priporočam jo vsem aktivnim športnikom.

  • J. K., Medvode, 07/26/2021 12:22:38:

    Avg. rating:

    Natancna ura, baterija zdrzi tudi vecdnevne ture, zelo trpezno steklo in pa seveda super cena.

  • J. J., MURSKA SOBOTA, 07/12/2021 10:46:09:

    Avg. rating:

    odlična ura, natančna, trpežna, enostavna za uporabo.
    zelo priporočam!
    vredno nakupa in primerna cena

  • P. C., Grgar, 02/04/2021 12:28:31:

    Avg. rating:

    Ura vredna tega senarja. Baterija zelo dolgo drži vse normalno deluje zaenkrat brez napake.

  • R. S., Novo mesto, 06/07/2020 19:16:41:

    Avg. rating:

    Ura je top.GPS dela super.Primerna za vsakdanjo uporabo.Posebej primerna je za tek,kolesarjenje in hojo.

  • I. G., GRIŽE, 12/13/2019 10:33:41:

    Avg. rating:

    Ura me z svojimi zmogljivosti in funkcionalnostjo z vsakim dnem njene uporabe in analiz, ki jih nudi aplikacija vedno bolj razveseljuje.

    Čeprav nisem ekstremni športnik in tehno frik , je njena uporaba zelo enostavna.

  • . ., Črnomelj, 12/13/2019 10:03:08:

    Avg. rating:

    Odličen pripomoček za vse športne navdušence! Prek aplikacije Movescount več kot zanesljivo "sodeluje" z iPhonom ...

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