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Dynafit Test skis set Blacklights 88 2023 + skins bindings Dynafit Blacklight Long Travel 90 women's

Test women\'s skis set Dynafit Blacklights 88
Test women\'s skis set Dynafit Blacklights 88
Test women\'s skis set Dynafit Blacklights 88
Test women\'s skis set Dynafit Blacklights 88
Rent & test

Test item
Test skis set Blacklights 88 2023 + skins bindings Dynafit Blacklight Long Travel 90 women's

Rental price:18€/day*see conditions

Product description

Women's test set includes: Skis Dynafit Blacklights 88 2023 + skins + bindings Dynafit Blacklight Long Travel 2023 90

The Dynafit Blacklight 88 for women offers convincing performance on alpine terrain and in all snow conditions as a light, versatile, high-end Speed touring ski. This model was developed just for athletic, ambitious women ski touring enthusiasts who seek a light ski for the climb, but at the same time put value on outstanding downhill performance.

The Blacklight 88 for women offers a women-specific Flex that is softer and lighter than in the unisex version. This makes the ski much more playful and enables more maneuverability on the descent. With an all-round sidecut and 88 mm underfoot, the shape is ideal for both hardpack and soft conditions as well as for great powder. In addition, the new Blacklight 88 for women features the time-tested construction and properties of all the other Blacklight models. This ski has a 100% “UD” carbon top layer. UD is the abbreviation to describe the “uni” or one-directional arrangement of the fibers. Compared to classic carbon construction, UD carbon lends higher tensile strength and greater resilience while maintaining a lower density. The Blacklight 88 has a 100% premium Paulownia wood core. Thanks to its 3D construction, the ski lowers its total weight to reduce its swing weight in front of and behind the binding area to essentially reduce the overall weight of the ski. You get extremely stable ski handling despite its low weight. The rocker construction at the tip and tail and the sidecut are also adapted for each ski size – a unique feature in the ski touring market. This keeps the effective edge length equally proportional to each size, allowing it to function independent of the size. In order to guarantee the best possible power transfer on the ski, the Blacklight is constructed with a full ABS sidewall. In addition, the base has a special racing grind for even more speed.

Blacklight 88 Women – The lightest all-rounder just for women.

Side cut: 120 - 85 - 108 (151 cm), 121 - 86 - 109 (158 cm), 122 - 87 - 110 (165 cm)

Radius: 14 m (151cm), 15,5 m (158 cm), 17 m (165 cm)

Set contains skis Dynafit Backlight 88 in skins Dynafit Backlight Speedskin Tour 88.


  • Field of use: Ski Touring, Free Touring, Speed Touring
  • Poplar Paulownia Wood Core
  • 100% “UD” carbon top layer
  • 3D tech - The 3D concept reduces the density around the binding mount area without compromising downhill performance.
  • 3D tip - Through its 3-D carbon construction, it guarantees best vibration-damping capability.
  • Unrivalled interaction between rocker length and sidecut according to ski length. This unparalleled interplay guarantees consistent properties at every ski length when ski touring.
  • Semi Sidewall - Using less material in the sidewall has achieved optimum weight reduction.
  • The fully integrated synthetical tip reduces weight and perfectly forges design and function for a reliable fixation of skin to ski
  • Single radius - Harmonious sidecut to guarantee balanced skiing qualities
  • Tip and tail rocker
  • Race finish
  • Weight (151 cm): 970 g


Bindings Dynafit Blacklight Long Travel 2023 90 (DIN 5 to 12)

The Dynafit Blacklight Long Travel at just 420 grams is a light, minimalist ski touring binding that lends speed to your climb and also is equally impressive on the descent. Do you want a reliable companion for demanding tours, and do you put a value on efficiency as well as performance and comfort? Then the Blacklight Long Travel is your model of choice. The Speed binding with brakes combines the features of a climbing, weight-optimized binding with the comfort and safety demands of a classic ski touring binding. Meaning you’re not only the first to the summit but you’re also the first back down again – safe and comfortable. With its perfect bayonet positive lock at the heel unit, an extremely high power transfer from binding to ski is achieved for increased responsiveness and downhill performance. The Step-In Side Towers make entry into the toe piece more than 30% easier. Meaning fast as lightning you are fully and easily ready to get going. At the same time, it increases lateral stability on the descent. The Blacklight Long Travel has two riser heights you can operate quickly and easily with your pole. An extra long adjustment range of 50 mm at the heel unit enables you to adjust the binding to different sole lengths. The binding’s lateral release value can be fully adjusted from DIN 5 to 12. Upward release is fixed. For a bit more safety on ice or crust, ski crampons can also be attached. As with all DYNAFIT bindings, the Blacklight Long Travel has been developed and manufactured in Germany and offers a lifetime guarantee.

Dynafit Blacklight Long Travel – highest performance both climbing and downhill.


  • Step In Side Towers for quick binding entry with qsi-inserts and greater side impact resistance
  • Two riser heights
  • Bayonet lock
  • Crampon Slot
  • Fixed front release
  • 10 mm of flex
  • Ice Breaker Pins
  • Speed step climbing bar
  • Release capacity: 5 – 12 DIN
  • Material: Forged aluminum 7075, High-strength plastic, CrMo Steel, Stainless steel
  • Brake width: 90 mm
  • Weight: 420 grams
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Terms & prices*


  • BIKE 1 DAY (mtb and road)......36,00 €
  • E-BIKE 1 DAY......48,00 €
  • ADDITIONAL BATTERIES (e-bike) 1 day......18,00 €
  • TEST BIKE SEAT 1 day.......9,00 €
  • RENT OF A THULE BIKE BAG 1 day......9,00 €

  • THULE ROOFTOP TENT 1 day.......28,00 €
  • THULE ROOFBOX 1 day......9,00 €
  • THULE ROOF BIKE CARRIER 1 day......6,00 €
  • THULE TOWBAR BIKE CARRIERS 1 day......6,00 € 

  • SKI OR SNOWBOARD 1 day......18,00 €
  • SKIING OR SNB SHOES 1 day......9,00 €
  • SNOWSHOE 1 day......6,00 €
  • ABS BACKPACK 1 day......6,00 €
  • LAVA TRIPLET  (RESCUE SET) (avalanche transreceiver, shovel, probe) 1 day......6,00 €
  • CRAMPONS 1 day......6,00 € 
  • WATCH 1 day......12,00 €


  • 2 - days or weekend rent ...... 20% discount
  • 3-7 days rent ....30% discount
  • 8 - or more days rent .... 35% discount


In the case of the purchase of a new product of the rent category within 6 months of the rent, the paid amount for the rent is refunded* to the client as follows:

  • for a bicycle seat up to an amount of 30 €
  • for skis and snowboards up to the amount of 50 €
  • for a bicycle up to an amount of 150 €
  • for a rooftop tent up to an amount of 30 €
  • for a watch up to an amount of 20 €

*only with attached original invoice


1. It is not possible to complete the rent on Saturday or the last day before the holiday.
2. In the case of renting for Saturday, the Sunday is counted in each case and vice versa.
3. In the case of a rent on the last working day before the holiday, the amount of the rent, until inclusive the last holiday day, is always charged.
4. It is not possible to rent and return items for rent on Sunday and during holidays.
5. Rent of the item is, with the exception of the beginning of the rent on Monday or the first day after the holiday, possible the day before the first day of the paid rent after 5 p.m.
6. In the case of a rent on Monday or on the first day after the holiday, the item can be taken on the day of the rent after 9.00 am.
7. The return of the item must be made no later than 12:00 am, after the day for which the rent was paid, otherwise an additional day of rent is charged.
8. The client must submit a personal document for rent.
9. The item can be booked at the office with advance payment of the rent (the number of days of rent is paid).
10. For a rent, the client must pay with a credit card.
11. To make an online reservation, you need to make an online purchase with a credit card in the amount of 20€ for all items. The amount is refunded to the customer's account after payment of the rent by picking up the item in the shop.
12. Cancellation of the rented equipment and refund of the advance payment is possible no later than 72 hours before the booked date of the rent. 
13. The use of the rented item is at your own risk!
14. An additional two days are charged for each day of delay of the return of the item.
15. If the customer is late with the return of the item for more than five days, PR, d.o.o. can charge the personal account and credit card of the client and reports the alienation of the article to the police authorities.
16. In the case that the customer returns the item damaged and the damage is not a consequence of normal use, the customer is charged with the repair of the item according to the valid price list of the PR, d.o.o. service.
17. In the case of damage or loss of the bicycle / equipment rented, the user is liable for damages up to a maximum of 80% of the retail price of the rented item. The User explicitly agrees that his personal account is charged through a credit card up to the amount of the cost of damage, estimated by the borrower.
18. A deposit is returned to the customer when an undamaged item is returned.
19. Reserved item can be picked up in Extreme Vital shop Škofja Loka, Ljubljana or Radovljica.


Service provider: PR, sport and trade, d.o.o., Puštal 101, 4220 Škofja Loka
All prices are valid from 25.3.2019. The price includes 22% VAT. Prices are in EUR.

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