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How do I know the product is in stock?

On every product page there is a table on the bottom right side called "Available options" and there you can find all the information in stock status for the product:

- icon indicates, that the product / product option is in stock in store, listed above in the same column. It means that the item is immediately dispatchable
- icon indicates, that the product / product option is not in stock at the selected store, it is however in stock at on of our other stores and inmost cases it can be arranged to transport the desired product to a store of your choice.
- icon indicates, that thethe product / product option is currently not in stock in that store, but it is available for ordering. The estimated delivery time for thi product is indicated under column "availability".
OnLine column always show green icon, this means, that the product can be ordered OnLine, and delivery time is usually not longer than 14-21 days. All of the items on displah in our OnLine store are avaialable for ordering.