Retül Bike Fitting at Extreme Vital

Retül Bike Fitting at Extreme Vital

Retül bike fitting makes cycling even more fun, because it helps you to cycle more efficiently, reduces the possibility of injuries and makes cycling more comfortable.


Visit one of our shops in Ljubljana at Tržaška or BTC, Škofja Loka or Radovljica to do a proper Retül bike fitting.

We provide the following Retül services:

  • 3D Motion Capture System
  • Digital Foot Device 
  • Digital Sit bone Device 
  • Retul Match Tower
  • Certified bike fitter Luka Blaznik

Why is bike fitting recommended to every biker?


When your bike is correctly set and adjusted to fit only you, cycling will be more comfortable, safer and efficient.




No matter the cycling skill level, being comfortable is a crucial factor that affects your notion of riding a bike with pleasure.





Correct position on the bike provides your body to be in total harmony with your bike. It also prevents injuries to occur.





Optimal position on the bike doesn't only increase the comfort, it also helps you to become stronger and more persistent.



What is Retül bike fit?


Retül bike fit is more than just setting a bike to fit you personally. The procedure also helps you to understand how your body works, to discover what causes you potential discomforts and pains, and to experience first-hand how a correctly set bike helps you achieve your personal cycling goals.


With the help of 3D motion capture technology the system precisely measures every degree (angle) and millimetre (distance) of you movement. Interpreting the results, the fitter will discuss with you how to optimally adjust bike settings, which components are the right ones for you and what kind of gear you need in order to feel the bike is made only for you.


What is the procedure of Retül bike fitting?



The procedure starts with fitter's assessment of your physical abilities. Then the fitter sets your bike taking into account your potential physical limitations, potential previous injuries and pains you are experiencing, and most important, your goals. 




Now the really fun part begins. You sit on you own bike (you need to bring it with you). While sitting on your bike, our certified bike fitter will set up 8 LED markers on predetermined anatomic body spots.

Then you start spinning the pedals and in the meanwhile Retül Vantage Motion Capture system thoroughly monitors all 8 markers and records 3D data at every pedal spin in real time.





The data recorded while you were spinning the pedals are gathered in Retül bike fit application. At this point your bike fitter can analyse the numbers showing degrees of your body movement that otherwise cannot be seen by the naked eye.


On the basis of this data, introductory assessment and your cycling goals, the bike fitter and you will together do some adjustments.


The adjustments might include replacing your bike shoes, adapted bike shoes insoles, different seat, handlebar and other.




When the procedure is finished and your bike is all set for you, the fitter will make a digital »map« of final bike settings by Retül Zin tool.


Your bike’s data and Zin tool measurements are gathered in a complete report that belongs to you. You can later use it as a reference point for all future adjustments or when you buy a new bike.


IMPORTANT: When the fitting is concluded, the service is not completely over. The fitter and customer remain in contact for potential future adjustments and other information. 


Are you ready to finally become one with your bike?  Contact our certified fitters!

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