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Sidas Feetbox for perfectly fitting footwear

Sidas Feetbox for perfectly fitting footwear

Are you in doubts which running, ski or snowboard shoes will fit you best? Do you have a feeling that in the past you bought too wide, too small or too tight footwear that did not entirely fit?


You don’t have to worry anymore, because in our shops in Ljubljana (Tržaška cesta and BTC), Radovljica and Škofja Loka we provide you a service to measure characteristics of your feet with millimetre precision before your purchase. How?


With a combination of our adviser and Sidas Feetbox device.


What is Sidas Feetbox?


Sidas Feetbox is a device that very precisely measures the length and width of your feet, and the height of the foot arch at a static and dynamic strain.


The measurements are carried out by integrated cameras that are installed around the board that you step on to. The measurement results are then projected on a digital display in an understandable and simple format and provide our adviser additional information in order to bring you the shoes that will fit perfectly.


Best of all, the procedure is simple and quick, it takes only a few minutes. When the procedure is over, our adviser checks and interprets the results.


To whom do we recommend Sidas Feetbox


Primarily to all runners who want to provide more stability to their feet during their daily trainings, which results in less injuries and helps their feet to be more rested after the trainings.


When to do the measurement?

  • Before you decide to purchase new shoes.
  • When you want to improve the comfort and prevent getting an injury with the current shoes.


What are the data useful for?

  • Primarily to help you improve the position in the running shoes, as a supplemental data for your running position analysis.
  • For choosing the right ski shoes, because you get the measurements of the length and width of your feet and the height of the foot arch.
  • For any sport, as an information about the stability of an individual’s feet.


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